How to Shave Your Pubic Area For Men

Written by Shaving Steve

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So you are thinking that your pubic area is getting unruly and should be shaved. You are not alone.

Many men trim or completely shave their pubic area in an effort to be more appealing to their lover.

Lets get started!

If you have not trimmed your balls (or pubic area) yet, you should start with a pair of scissors and trim it down as close as you can.


Even if you are going to be using an electric razor like the BG-2040, trimming first makes it much easier to finish. I have tried to just go to town with my BG-2040 and the trimmed pubic hair just clumps up in the razor attachment causing me to have to clean it more during the shaving process.

Granted if you are doing this on a regular basis this part can be skipped, but I’m assuming that you are reading this and you are currently not shaving. You might even be at the point where it looks like you have a hamster sleeping on top of your cock.

Leaving a Little?

If you are not going down to the skin you will not need to use any form of shaving cream or lubrication.

Going Hairless?

If you are shaving everything off, use a good quality shaving cream or other form of lubrication. I have used Noxema and hair conditioner, since it is already in my shower. Avoid using the mentholated versions of these products because they can irritate your skin and cause it to itch for a few days.

Use a New Razor

This is not the place you want to be using a used or worn out razor, it will cause irritation and make the rest of your day an uncomfortable situation.

I recommend using a 3 or 4 blade razor like the Mach 3.

Start with light downward motions shaving in the direction the hair is growing (also known as With The Grain). This will shorten the hair to a workable length when going in the opposite (upward) direction.You don’t have to get it all down in one pass, and I severely recommend that you don’t try to prove me wrong.

Shaving Your Penis

If your lucky enough to come from a hairy gene pool you probably have hair growing right up your penis. Shaving penis hair can be shaved just like the rest. As with anything else, start by trimming as close as possible if you currently don’t. I shave my penis in the shower because this is where I got use to it. I find it much, much easier to shave when erect because it stretches the skin and gives me an easier surface to work with. Again use some type of moisturizing product before, during, and after. Start by going against the grain of the pubic hair, which will have you moving the razor towards the base of your shaft.


  • Don’t press hard, using multiple strokes will reduce irritation to the skin.
  • Try using baby oil after to reduce irritation.
  • Ask your lover these 2 questions for more ball play!

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13 Comments Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. James says:

    Hi I’m trim and shaved balls low, going to do it now xx

  2. Randy says:

    I use the aveeno shaving cream with oatmeal base. It works wonderfully. You can get it at target.

  3. Jackie says:

    I shaved my pubic region and need more help. I went into the shower let my hair get wet and then used a quality gel and shaved with a disposable razor. It was my first time shaving their and I read up on it and applied a creme to the area to stop infection or ingrown hairs. Could you please give me some direct advice on what to do next time. Thank you very much

  4. Jack'n says:

    I have been shavin my man stuff for 18 years and I can tell you this. If you shave it (and it means anything) chicks will lick it! So don’t nick your taint shavin your asshole boys. Hehehehe!
    P.S. No sh** it works!

  5. Aidan says:

    Personally I find after shaving that cream that is used for Eczema works better than baby oil.

  6. Balls says:

    I tried this u need to use anew razor every time because I used the razor I used the last time and I cut my self

  7. Jake says:

    Guys, after a shave try olive oil. For some reason guys have used all kinds of other oils (even motor oil) not recommended. Olive oil is great all over and has great healing properties. If you use on the hair on your head only use small amounts and must wash hair often. I have found that olive oil after shaving my balls works great and helps heal. Like myself you too may find that olive oil is better and longer lasting than other oils for JO. If you have questions etc. Just ask me anything on your mind, its cool… Try it you’ll


  8. I am unsure if those are related. How about posting that question in the new forum, perhaps someone else will have a definite answer.

    Shaving Steve

  9. e says:

    doest shaving up get ingrowns? i get em when i do

  10. Steve says:

    Thank you Tony for your comment.
    I am sure other people will respond, but I don’t believe that just because you have hair growing somewhere that you have to be pleased with the way it looks. I have hair growing on my face, naturally, and don’t particularly prefer it, so I shave it off.

    I think it is a personal preference.

    Having a razor near my penis is no different or scary than having a razor near my jugular. Your not going to cut anything off. I’ve bled more from cutting my face than I ever have from my balls or penis. Partly because I’m A LOT more careful and will never use a used razor below the waist.

    Shaving Steve

  11. tony says:

    Why would any man put a razor near his penis? Pubic hair is quite natural. My penis is hairy and I would not shave it.

  12. Rick says:

    I have been keeping my parts completely bare for a couple of years. I can’t imagine having hair again. I can now use razors or electric shavers without any bumps or ingrown hairs

  13. Ryan says:

    NOTE from Shaving Steve: I Don’t particularly agree with this comment, but am including it because I find it the method that some people use interesting.

    Sometimes, for the fashion, for comfort in the heat, or just because your pubic hair seems to make your undies bulge out where you don’t expect a bulge, you want to trim your pubic hair just enough to reduce the bulk.

    The method below is good for that, and would be dangerous if used to try and remove all the hair – so don’t try that! The advantage it has, is that it leaves a natural length, curl and hair end avoiding the “haircut” look.

    This is a great method I have tried personally, after seeing afros being trimmed this way. Use flame. Yes, for real. You take a BBQ lighter that you can operate with one hand and point it at the pubic hair or at a tangent to it. First be sure of what sort of flame it emits – you don’t want a gas torch, just a lazy old flame.
    Stand in the bath, and don’t do it when people are in the house, as burning hair really stinks.
    Operate the lighter with one hand and quickly pat out the pubic hair as soon as it lights. Repeat the process in small steps until you have eliminated as much hair as you wish to. The sizzled/melted ends need to be rubbed to eliminate the burned hair afterwards. After a few days or showers, the ends will be as normal as a naturally grown hair, and will not stick into your skin like a “cut” hair.
    If you trim too short you may find the hairs actually poke through the fabric of your briefs, but this eventually returns to the normal status.
    Be sure to wash the bath out afterwards and ventilate the room.

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