Why Shave Your Balls?

Written by Shaving Steve

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Shave pubic area menAre you asking yourself, “Why should I shave my balls?” A majority of ladies prefer men who take care of their bodies. And 3 out of 4 ladies surveyed like shaved balls. A cleanly shaved scrotum will get much more attention than one that looks like a kiwi.

You’re looking for more ball play aren’t you?

Yes You Are! If you shave your balls and pubic area you entice your lover to give you that little extra attention!

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How To Shave Your Balls

Getting That Porn Star Shine!

Men! Don’t use wax!

Do I need to say that again? The scrotum was designed with elasticity so that it can adjust itself to a lower temperature than your core temperature, this maximizes your reproduction possibility. The thinness of the skin combined with the elasticity will first cause the wax to irritate the skin beyond your comprehension, and then it will keep you from being able to get the wax off. When you pull, your scrotum stretches…. and follows the direction it is being pulled in.

Let’s Get Started!

If you have not trimmed your balls (or pubic area) yet, you should start with a pair of scissors and trim it down as close as you can.


Even if you are going to be using an electric razor like the BG-2040, trimming first makes it much easier to finish. I have tried to just go to town with my BG-2040 and the trimmed pubic hair just clumps up in the razor attachment causing me to have to clean it more during the shaving process.

Granted if you are doing this on a regular basis this part can be skipped, but I’m assuming that you are reading this and you are currently not shaving. You might even be at the point where it looks like you have a hamster sleeping on top of your cock.

Leaving a Little?

If you are not going down to the skin you will not need to use any form of shaving cream or lubrication.

Disposable or Electric?

This is going to be as personal as your facial grooming. If you have never shaved your balls, or you have a forest, start by using scissors or a pair of clippers to shorten everything up to a quarter of an inch at most. Some electric razors like the Norelco listed below have a built-in trimmer. On your first time take a bath to get your scrotum nice and soft, this will also help reduce irritation.

Norelco BG-2040
BG 2040
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Picking a Shaver

Out of all the electric gizmos out there the one I am most happy with is my
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Shaver. I use it every third day or so to make sure that everything stays nice and clean. The longer things get, the harder they can be to get rid of. I do this by taking a shower first, and turning up the heat at the end of the shower to loosen things up. After getting completely dry, use a little bit of powder to help the shaver move around; it will also make sure everything is nice and dry. Then go to town. I also suggest doing this in the bath stall or sitting on the toilet so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.Note:A dull electric shaver blade will yank the hairs out, not cut them, this will cause considerable irritation and spot bleeding.Getting every nook and fold will take some practice. My balls, and my sanity, did take a little time to get accustomed to using an electric razor on it. I do believe the time it saves me shaving my balls on a weekly basis was well worth it.


Using a disposable does create a little of a dilemma. You need one hand to control the razor, and two to move things around. If you have a willing partner you are ‘one up’ on a lot of us. This can be done either in or out of the shower, as you might expect. Start with a good moisturizing cream (make sure it’s not your girlfriends expensive stuff – honestly I have always been a fan of Panteen conditioner, it seems to give the best combination of moisturizer and surface lubrication for shaving) to help loosen the pubes, it will also allow the razor to glide easier.

Use a New Razor

This is not the place you want to be using a used or worn out razor, it will cause irritation and make the rest of your day an uncomfortable situation.

I recommend using a 3 or 4 blade razor like the Mach 3.

Start with light downward motions shaving in the direction the hair is growing (also known as With The Grain). This will shorten the hair to a workable length when going in the opposite (upward) direction.You don’t have to get it all down in one pass, and I severely recommend that you don’t try to prove me wrong.


Shaving Your Penis

If your lucky enough to come from a hairy gene pool you probably have hair growing right up your penis. Shaving penis hair can be shaved just like the rest. As with anything else, start by trimming as close as possible if you currently don’t. If you have a bent penis or are unhappy with your size check out: Size Genetics. I shave my penis in the shower because this is where I got use to it. I find it much, much easier to shave when erect because it stretches the skin and gives me an easier surface to work with. Again use some type of moisturizing product before, during, and after. Start by going against the grain of the pubic hair, which will have you moving the razor towards the base of your shaft.

Penis Shaving Tip: When working the undercarriage hold your member close to your body by gripping the head between your partially bent pointer and middle finger, sort of like throwing a curve ball. This allows for the greatest holding power to make sure ol’Jimmy doesn’t wiggle away.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t press hard, using multiple strokes will reduce irritation to the skin
  • Try using baby oil after to reduce irritation
  • The only thing that works better is asking her these 3 questions


Have a different method?

Tell me more by submitting a comment. All comments are reviewed before getting posted on the website.


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  1. TommyTop says:

    Well, I’ve been shaving the “twins” and base of my cock for 40 years, and will continue to do so – forever. Start by getting a Purposeful erection. It helps stretch the skin of all the parts. Use a new blade razor with a tiny bit of baby oil/olive oil and GENTLY stroke the razor over Ur parts. For the base of Ur cock, stroke toward Ur belly, gently. For Ur balls, stroke gently while pulling Ur ball sack each and every way. Small, short strokes work best. Wash the razor after often; every 8 or 10 strokes. Re-oil Ur parts after Ur done and in the morning after, wash gently with hair shampoo. Not soap.

  2. Terry says:

    Been shaving balls and penis for a few years. Two precautions GO SLOW or you will cut yourself, watch out for electric razors on the balls, they pinch. Don’t shave the happy trail dude!

  3. DocGeorge says:

    Lots of men shave, but do be careful. Sometimes skin irritation may result, so using a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) with natural moisturizers can help.

  4. KJ says:

    Ben using Balls Balm. It’s a depilatory for men and it works well. I got mine from Amazon. For the first time buying it get the twin pack with the depilatory and serum. Follow the directions on the bottle or go on their website for more info. It’s better than shaving because you can go longer between uses. The serum that you use afterward is the best on irritation and it protects the skin.

  5. dave says:

    My girlfriend shaves my cock, balls, ass and back.
    She is incredible giving a massage and the smoothness only makes it more pleasurable.
    I also love the look, an erect cock is so erotic

  6. Rumbull says:

    I shaved it years ago when I was still confused as to wther I was gay or not. As it turned out I was inclined to chase females but still liked dick.
    Perhaps youd call it bi-sexual to a degree. I recently started to shave my balls again using simple shaving cream and throw away single bladed razors, a fresh on upon each shave. I love it and wont change back only because I am quicker to get a hard on, something I had started to lose as I approached my fifties.

    I would love to not need to shave every second or third day but is that possible and if so how?

  7. Bobby says:

    I’ve been shaving my balls, penis and entire pubic area for 30 years. Started when the young nurse shaved my balls for my vasectomy. No lubricant of any type. Just stretch the skin and shave ‘with the grain’. Tried it in the shower, but trying to stretch the scrotum which was very slippery from the soap had me worried about cutting my scrotum. So I do it dry. And I prefer a tight scrotum which I can flatten easily and allows me to shave in either direction. For the past 5 years I’ve also trimmed my legs and chest. I now shaved my legs, chest, arms, and butt for the past 2 years….I LOVE IT! And so does everyone else, including my wife sho shaves my back! I’ve had great comments from both females and males. I’ve always been told I have great legs and a nice butt, but shaving has brought more positive comments. I get my fair share of strange looks too, so it’s not for everyone. I enourage every male to try it!

  8. Gil says:

    Women real hate men because we have hairy bodies and they don’t. So fuck ’em, and let your crotch hair stay. You aren’t little boys. You’re MEN.

  9. Casper says:

    Well I’ve been shaving my penis and balls for a few years now. But I use an electric razor and tend to cut myself, just a little. The type of razor I use is the one that have the teeth(if that explanation helps) I seen the one you use which is different. I was just wondering does that one cut too…..Also how do I get rid of the ingrown hair???…….thanks

  10. CHucky says:

    Shaved dick and balls are totally sensitive to the great stuff your partner is doing for you…they will love it too…

  11. eugene says:

    i love to get laid

  12. Well Genevieve,
    I personally don’t agree with you, but respect that you have your own opinion. I personally don’t like having hair coming out of places that makes it look undesirable. I don’t know how you could consider something like this to be considered, as you call it, HOT.

    What does everyone else think? Comment Below.

  13. Genevieve says:

    Hey guys, I’d just like to say that I think it’s kinda gross when guys shave their body hair. Maybe it’s not always gross, but definately disappointing. I think it’s hella hot when guys have hair (Any kind really, chest, pubic, arm, facial hair etc.). It’s what gives them such a masculine feel and surprisingly, it’s HOT when a guy is masculine.

  14. Good advice Marty. Perhaps we can discuss this further on our forum: Shave Your … Forum

  15. marty says:

    I have been shaving for a couple of years and what works best for me is gilette foamy and a brand new disposable in the shower. Do it by feel, don’t press too hard, don’t forget the tarantula-like hair wad in your butt crack. The same method for shaving your scrotum and penis applies to your anus. Trust me. you are doing this primarily to get more oral action and to look better, right? Don’t stop at your balls. Take it to the tailbone.

  16. Tristan says:

    This is gonna B my first time shaving my balls at 15 so any remaining importances i need to know. Otherwise im about to commit deforestation on my pelvic area.

  17. That’s up to you. Take pictures I’ll put em on the site and have people vote.

  18. charles says:

    steve i am going to shave my cock and my balls for the first time but i have a question do you have a happy trail i have and should i shave it mine long and thin as i am dark haired it is very noticable

  19. mark says:

    hi steve my chest has got a lot of hair and i have never tryed waxing it who do i go to for help

  20. I personally don’t have more than 12 hairs on my chest, so I have to ask someone else to respond with a good answer for this. I only have hairs around my nipples that I tweezer every few weeks which works really good.

    Have you considered waxing?

  21. mark says:

    Hi Steve I am 18 years old, could you tell me what is the best way to shave my chest hair. I have had chest hair since i was 15 what is the the best way to shave it please answer. Thanks.

  22. Shampoo may work, I personally use conditioner. When shaving anything it is wise to have the skin tight, not to mention you want to smooth out all the nooks and crannies where a hair might be hiding.

  23. Martin says:

    I’ve been shaving for years, and although I don’t like to brag, I have really big balls that hang low so I like to take my time to make sure I’ve got them really smooth. The annoying thing is there are always hairs that have been missed.

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Braun or Panasonic shaver that can be used with foam/gel but wondered if anyone has any experience of using them rather than a razor ? I want to be able to get rid of all the hairs on my sac and also the annoying ones up the back of my cock.

  24. shanel says:

    can i use shapoo to make the hairs down there soft and do i need to make my scrotum skin tight before shaving ??

  25. Chuck says:

    I’m an old (70) man, but this is all new to me. Tried trimming with small scissors, nicked myself a couple of times. There must be a better way! I do this because I think that being clean shaven will be healthier than having all the pubic hair absorbing dirt and sweat. Can this be done with a “regular” electric razor, or would a body trimming razor be the too to get. Don’t shave my face with an electric razor, so I’ve got to buy something if I’m going to do this. And how long between shaves? Does this now shaved hair grow as fast as facial hair? Will it grow back as a dark stubble, like my beard. Have I started something that i’ll have to do from now on?

  26. Turtle Neck says:

    I love having smooth balls and as hair grows up my shaft, I get rid of it on there too. With closely trimmed hair around my cock, it looks neat and feels great.

    I’d just like to add another vote for what seems to be a poorly represented method: I use my wife’s depilation cream. Like another poster found, at first it didn’t seem to work too well, but I started leaving it on longer than the recommended time and eventually found that if you leave it on for about twice what is suggested, it works really well and there is no burn.

    Your skin will probably react differently to mine, so I’m recommending experimentation rather than absolute timings! And on that note, if you need to increase the time, do so gradually – believe me it *really* hurts if you leave it too long!

    The massive pluses of this method are that it lasts a week or two between treatments and new growth starts thin (unlike the stubbly sandpaper-like sproutings a couple of days after shaving).

  27. Congratulations on taking the first step. Yes the BG-2040 does have trimmer son both sides of the foil, but I have yet to nick myself using it.
    As for the line separating you down the middle, I have it too, just figured it was normal.

    In regards to using it wet or dry, I use it dry because when it is wet the hair will just stick to it and clump up. I tend to use it in the shower, but before I get myself wet so the clean up is, well there is none.

    Don’t try and do it all in one sitting, especially if you have never done anything like this before.

    Please submit a follow up review in a few weeks.

  28. M says:

    I can’t believe I did this, but after reading the story and all the comments I asked my new girlfriend what she prefers, no hesitation she said shaved! So, I went to Target and bought the BG-2040 ($68) and charged it up.

    This morning I went to work shortening everything up with the trimming side and that was much easier than scissors. I’ve accidentally cut myself with scissors in the past so that is no fun and I’m always a little nervous when I use them now, so this part of the shaver is nice.

    With that done, I flipped it around to use the shaver part. It did a pretty good job, but I found it not getting everything that I thought or hoped it would get. I found myself wanting to press harder to enable it to get every trace of hair stubble left, and when I did that, it would nick my sack and draw blood. So, I backed off and tried to not press so hard but then it wasn’t getting everything. So, it looks like in order to get it smooth I’m going to have to use a razor blade.

    The worst part about the design on the head is there are these two edge trimmer blades that run the length of the cutting foil head of the razor. You have to be really careful because they will grab the skin and nick you.

    I have this kind of strange dividing line in my skin of my sack that starts at my taint and goes up and around to the base of my penis. It kind of bisects my whole sack down the middle all the way around so there is a left and right half looking down on it. I don’t know if this is normal or not lol. Along this dividing line are some tiny flaps of skin and hair grows there, and the skin on my sack is not very smooth but thin and kind of like bumpy like what the skin on a turkey leg looks like before you cook it. If your not real careful those edge trimmer things will grab those tiny flaps of skin and nick you! OUCH!!! There was some hair that was too long for the foil to be able to cut in some areas like that, but too short for the trimmer end of the razor to get to cut, so I was trying to cut these off with that edge trimmer part and boy did I jump when it grabbed that skin lol. Yeeoowwwe! I said screw it and just left it thinking I’d try to either just pluck the hair there or try a razor blade next time.

    I took a long shower after and I was still bleeding from spots all over my sack lol. I was thinking, damn, I should have just saved my money and bought the Mach 3 razor and tried that first if I had known I was going to nick myself up like this, and its still not completely smooth in areas like I was hoping and I’m pretty sure a regular razor would have made it smooth.

    This was the first time doing this, so maybe I just need more practice. At least I won’t see my girlfriend for a couple weeks so I’ll have time to heal up lol..

    Does this BG-2040 work better wet or dry? If used wet in the shower, do you use some kind of shaving cream or gel or hair conditioner to make it glide smoother? Because, that was a painful experience, I’m not looking forward to doing that again, but the girlfriend is really looking forward to it and I want what she wants for obvious reasons so I’d like to be able to do this on a regular basis!

  29. Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    It must feel a bit strange if you’re hairless there.

  30. Todd says:

    me and my boyfriend have just shaved everything together and it is so much better! before it was always a bit uncomfortable with sucking and that but now it is amazing! if you are planning on shaving it, do it in a bath with someone else, and you can have a bit of fun in the bath aswel! thnx man!

  31. Tommy says:

    In my 50’s now and have been shaving balls and cock for close to 10 years. Couple times a week, in the shower, soap and good razor. Its routine hygiene now.Don’t be in a hurry. Only had a couple of nicks but they do bleed. A little Vaseline Intensive Care afterwards.

    Pros: Wife almost immediately spent more time on oral and hasn’t stopped (also starting sucking my balls which had never happened), better sensations, “enhances” appearance.

    Cons: None yet.

    Highly recommended.

  32. seaniboy says:

    Remember your facial hair area is not alone in different skin conditions, are you dry, ultra dry, sweaty, clammy around your penis gentleman…

    Adapt to your condition but the ultra rules are:-

    A) Wet all the way ! Gillete Venus all the way in a shower or bath, wet equals moisture and moisture equals less dryness.

    B) Always make sure your balls are warm and reclined, cold and shrivelled, managed ?? smooth skin equals a smooth shave.

    C) Conditioners and shampoos will cause too much glide and cuts are a sure way ahoy for cuts, never use showe gel or anything after, there are showers and chemical free cock care showers, on that matter the use of products designed for the internal vagina behind the foreskin for those guys still unskinned is a must.

    D) Pat dry and mosturise – use Petrolium Jelly, commonly Vaseline, golden rule guys – as with
    cooking, apply with sense… You can add but you can’t take away 😉

    Optionally, add a light dusting baby powder after being completely dry every day/other day….

    E) TIME, as the most important, take as much as you need ! NEVER rush !

    F) Think about pressure used against the skin with the razor.

  33. Paul says:

    I’ve recently started shaving my balls and penis as well as going Brazilian, and have experienced some itching and irritation after shaving. Found a product that does work, especiailly if one shaves every morning without fail – Nivea for men Revitalising double action balm. This is with using a disposable razor.

    Works like a bomb and keeps everything smooth.

  34. Rich says:

    I shave my cock and balls. And trim my pubic hair a few times a week, I like to save a little. I think a lot of women come on here just to read some of the stories of guys having to get an erection in the shower just to shave.

  35. Jeff says:

    I use my wife’s razor on my balls and the shaft of my cock. Much smoother…she likes licking/sucking them and it feels better for me too.

  36. Toby says:

    Well, first off, let me say that I am a fella who likes fellas. I have always been partial to a smooth lad, but never bothered shaving myself. A few weeks ago a guy I was chumming around with offered to do it for me…WOW. Great fun, if you have someone you can trust to do something so intimate & dangerous! It was very erotic, and I love the way it feels. My other ‘buddies’ like it too!
    I’m hooked on ball shaving, and the best part is that I can find a pal for a ‘You shave & suck mine and I’ll shave & suck yours!’

  37. david says:

    I am 18 and I am very hairy from my happy trail down. So yesterday I shaved my cock and balls for the first time, and apart from being itchy my girlfriend loves it! I know this sounds silly but having no hair around my cock is weird.

  38. Jeff says:

    I’ve been shaving my tool for year. So many I don’t even remember when I started. After shaving the hair it grew in so fast I decided that I would pluck it. It took awhile but I got it done. After the first it took about 3 months to grow back. It was easier and easier pulling it each time. I now shave it because it never grows all the way back. I do have a small strip in the front that I let grow long. I love the feeling of shaved. I shave all the way up my stomach to my chest and shave my back and shoulders. I trim everything else so it looks a little uniform. In the hot weather it feels much cooler. I wish I would have done it long ago.

  39. Tom says:

    I have been shaving my body for 10 years. At first my wife didn’t like the idea. I have always hated hair whether it’s on the bar of soap, wash cloth or in the drain, I have always found it disgusting. I shaved my balls the first time for a vasectomy and liked the look of it. I waited several years until I decided that since my wife shaved her pubic area for me that I would surprise her by doing the same. She absolutely loved it. She loves licking all around my balls and says how clean my body looks without hair( I trim my leg hair as well but not shave them clean). That also prompted me to shave my armpits, arms and chest. She didn’t like it at first until she stroked my arm and then she hooked. I have very black hair on my body so I look very dirty with hair so when it was removed I looked and felt like a new person. I use a womens rechargeable razor to shave my arms and chest. I recommend for guys that you use the women’s schick silk-effects razor for your genitals it has a flexible head and the blades have a metal thread wrapped around the blades so it keeps the skin from getting caught between blades and prevents you from accidentally slipping and moving sideways and slicing your scrotum or penis. I always notice when women talk about not wanting their guy to look like a brand new baby and just trim their scrotum but it needs to have hair on it they never mention that they like the taste of hair( so I’m guessing they probably don’t do a lot of genital stimulation on their guys in the first place), I was pretty sure that the odds were a lot higher that women prefer their guys penis and scrotum hair free.

  40. brandon says:

    I have been shaving my balls and cock for 8 years. At first there was a lot of itching but now it only itches if I don’t do it a couple times a week. Sometimes I shave in the shower but usually right out of the shower. I use a little oil from The Art of Shaving and then use their shaving cream. The balls feel great afterwards. I use some Art of Shaving balm on them afterwards too. My wife loves them smooth and honestly, I do it.

    I did try waxing once and it hurt way to much. It’s much more fun to shave them and then have a little fun with the balm afterwards. On the days I’m not shaving I use a little Gold Bond powder. The sensation is incredible!

  41. John says:

    I have waxed my balls and penis about a half dozen times and have no problems at all. I don’t remember if it hurt the first time or not but now its relatively painfree.

    I highly recommend the Surg-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts. There are no strips or anything and you can either heat it up in a microwave or use a coffee cup heater. The heater is best because the wax stays at the right temperature.

    I prefer waxing to shaving because the hair grows in slower and there is less stuble. There is nothing worse than having the wife say that you are prickly.

    In between waxing, I usually use tweezers a few minutes a night to get rid of the hair as it grows in. However, this time, I am shaving when I shower using a Venus razor. We’ll see how that goes.

  42. Rick says:

    Former porn semi-star here…
    Everybody’s got their own way…I have 2 methods. #2 is dry shaving your boys/meat with a Good News blade over the toilet. Can get several shaves this way. Tried more blades and less–the Good News works best. #1 is same blade in the shower with conditioner after the shower when your hair is soft. Rinse frequently. Figured this out and been doing it for many years with zero issues. Enjoy.

  43. pforpenis says:

    I have once tried cleaning my package with a hair removing cream but it did not give any results with little irritation. Every time i think of shaving it i fear if the re-growth will kill me with thicker hair and it will prick me and I end up only trimming them with a scissor and a comb.
    After reading all of the above comments can i really depend upon a mach 4 (which is most famous among men here) and a good conditioner.
    And i am still confused. Hot water bath to make the sack easy to work upon or cold water bath to make the skin stiff and give a good platform to work upon? RSVP

  44. Smith says:

    Been shaving Big jim and the twins for about 15 years. Started epilating last year, and even though it sounds painful, only the first time or 2 are difficult. after that, Feel ok. very smooth for 2 weeks, and hair returns finer than before. It IS doable.

  45. PAtric says:

    lol be careful!

  46. Derek says:

    I shaved my balls and it has literally changed my life! I feel better and also am lighter on my feet! The airlines actually let me check extra baggage (no pun inteneded) now that I weigh less,from shaving my balls.It is way more sensitive now and cannot imagine not shaving.Shaving your balls in the shower is the best as it only takes a few minutes.I try to spread the good word and tell as many men as possible about the numerous advantages of shaving your balls.

  47. Twothird says:

    So tonight was the first time I turned my electric razor down to one and went to town on the shaft, pubes, and sack. I’m very pleased at how clean and neat it looks now….however I was a little anxious using the hair cutting guide along my balls and wouldn’t you know it, the sack was stretchy and I poked myself twice with the ends of the plastic tips. Now I have two blood spot marks where I accidently poked myself…hopefully it clears up soon, anyone have some advice on how I can help speed up the healing for those little pokes? I cleaned him off and threw on some moisterizing lotion to sooth the itching which is actually not as irritating as I expected. Still…that damn plastic hair cutting guide….damn two pokes….I hope they heal in a decent amount of time.

  48. Ryan says:

    i’ve found that using a venus womens razor with Protective Ribbon is the best way of doing it (i know its less manly) try shaving after triming with scissors. thanks for the tips, they’ve helped alot!

  49. Steve says:

    I remember the first time i shaved the fuckin forest i had. Didnt use shaving cream and regreted it for 3 whole weeks. Itching like i fucked poison ivy or somethin.

  50. Steve says:

    If your going to use a straight razor, make sure it is a new one, there’s no reason to be saving money in such a delicate area. Next I have to point out that just like switching between a razor and an electric on your face, your groin requires some time to adjust. I don’t know how much pressure you were using, lubricant, etc. There are a handful of variables that could play into this.

  51. cody says:

    I just shaved my balls for the first time and i used a disposable razor, and i don’t know what i did wrong but the skin right above my penis started bleeding and my balls have been really irritated

  52. KEN says:


  53. Adam says:

    I use Gillette fusion razor, fresh blade, a little standing mirror (for getting the underside of my balls) and hydrogel shaving cream for sensitive skin. works great very smooth. actually, i shaved my balls tonight for my gf tomorrow. but very easy, not to fast, the ball area can be tricky. have to rinse off blade a lot to keep blades clean. But before, i take a buzz trimmer and gently trim down the hairs be very careful around your balls!!! I’ve cut/nicked my dick several times. stings a bit and is uncormfortable. alomst got myself today b/c of being in a rush. take your time.

  54. John says:

    I shave my entire pubic area to the beltline and all the way back to and around my crack… Been doing it for 6 years. My secret to not having mad irritation and bumps (mine used to get especially bad around where my thigh meets my sack/pubic area in general) is baby powder. I actually don’t use shave gel at all because it drastically increases my irritation. I just use my Mach 4 with the little moisturizing strip at the top and it works fine. No preparation needed. I prefer to shave while the shower is on so that the hair is washed away and I don’t wind up trying to shave areas that are already shaved. And maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t even had spot bleeding or anything in years. I shave mine so often that it has toughened up harder than my face it seems! So in conclusion, whatever you do, baby powder will work wonders. Smells pleasant and not too overpowering, either!

  55. Jim says:

    I’ve been waxing my bag for quite a while now. The first time my nuts hurt for three days, but every time i’ve waxed since, it hurts less and less. Don’t use that extra hot wax, use a cold one. There is very little pain involved after the first time, and unlike shaving, my balls neither feel prickly after nor do they itch. They stay smooth for quite a while, and on the plus side, i swear my balls look twice as big as they do with hair.

  56. Ben says:

    Hey fellas, I just thought I would throw in my two ba… cents.. ahem. Anyways, There is a shaving cream I have used for a number of years called Proraso. It is an Italian shaving cream primarily used with a badger or boar hair brush for your face, however it is quite effective alone on the balls, and has a good amount of menthol to cool the area and help prevent razor burn. Don’t worry if your not heading to Italy any time soon, Proraso is distributed by bath and bodyworks in a green tube with the CO Bigelo label… however careful inspection on the back of the tube reveals the Proraso is indeed in the tube… albeit incognito. I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned post shave balm, but the same consideration you use for your face should be used on your boys, I recommend you stick with the sensitive skin variety thats alcohol free… I personally use Nivea for men sensitive formula(white box or bottle) Cheers fellas!

  57. tropical says:

    Hi guys,

    You’re too soft !!! Personnally, I use an electric epilator and It works like a charm. Ok the first time is a nightmare but after when you’re skilled it is trully livable.

    My balls are soft for at least 2 weeks.

    I wouldn’t go back to a shaver.No way.

  58. Sean says:

    I came here because I shave my balls somewhat regularly and wondered if there was a different way. These tips are just about the exact opposite of my method, so I guess I’ll share:

    First of all, be VERY careful if you have been the lazy gentleman and need to use some clippers first… its not difficult to get some skin caught up in the teeth if you use a short setting combined with a loose sack (trust me, it hurts as bad as it sounds).

    After you get the hair down to a manageable length, I like to hop in the shower and get a full body rinse. After that, I shut the water off and leave the faucet part by my feet running. I like to dry off as much as possible above my waist to avoid having water dripping down and washing away any shaving gel. I also like to keep my legs wet so that it makes me really cold while I stand there with nothing to keep me warm – I think this is pretty crucial in that it’ll make your sack tighten up like a closed fist.

    At this point, lather up with you favorite shave cream or gel. I just use un-fancy Edge gel (same as on my face) with a designated Mach 3 sack blade. Then, just go to work just like shaving your face. If you are cold enough, your nuts should be so firm that you don’t have to worry about pulling and stretching the skin.

    Once I’m done, I just flip the shower back on and shower and wash as usual – which is an awesome relief when you’ve been standing there shivering. Post-shower I’ve never tried any aftershave product because I’m ironically scared that it’ll hurt, although I have used UNSCENTED Jergen’s body lotion or whatever.

  59. Jacob says:

    I personally use a Gillete Venus razor, you know, the girly ones specially made for shaving a girl down there. I lost my razor one day and I really needed to shave, so I grabbed my girlfriend’s razor, and it worked wonders. I’ll never use another razor again. Think about it. Girls have a lot more trouble with becoming irritated down there, razor bumps and everything, so a razor designed for them is sure to be great!

    And Fernando, I personally would say it depends on the girl. Like the article says, 3 out of 4 women like shaved balls. Not ALL of them. Hair is less attractive around the anus however, as it has an immediately bad connotation due to it’s location. I’d say it’s probably 1 out of 10 at best like it. If you don’t have a girl already, and are wanting to be fresh, I suggest shaving back there, but it takes a lot of practice to do it right. If you do have a girl (or end up with one in the future), you should ask her what she thinks. I mean, maybe she’ll prefer you to have hair there.

  60. Paul says:

    I was interested in shaving my balls for the first time when i turned 40. Wow was i surprised how it feels now that i have done it. Who would have thought women like it better. I have been doing it now for 2 months and i am going to keep doing it from here on.

  61. Tom says:

    Hmm I generally avoid shaving the pubes above the dick as that will just be itchy on regrowth. Trimming very short on the other hand is much more comfortable and neater too :). As for the balls those odd hairs here and here can be extremely off putting to the lady who needs to floss after some foreplay, I agree with conditioner as moisturiser/shaving cream and then just stretch the nut sack tight and watch the twins shine! Thankyou for your post, you’re quite witty 🙂

  62. Fernando says:

    This article seems really helpful. Gotta try it! Never had the nerve to shave all the way to the skin before. hehe And do you shave your butt crack this way too? or do you not shave it? Does a girl actually care about that part? Thank you.

  63. Tj says:

    I’m somewhat confused, do you use the conditioner like shaving cream, lather it up and shave away?

    Reply: Yes I basically use it as a shaving cream / moisturizer.

  64. Cuda says:

    The important thing to remember is if you shave your balls (like I do regularly) you kinda need to keep doing it. The re-growth experience can be quite itchy and down right irratating, for a week or two, not unlike letting your beard grow out.
    I use a four blade system with the vibrator handle, you know the brand (Gillette Fusion Power). I find the newer the blade the better, but as long as its not too worn, it works ok. Once again the more you shave the easier it gets, I think the skin gets conditioned to the experience, and the wife just loves the experience too!

  65. Trae Love says:

    i just use the vibrating gillet razor & their shaving cream, it does wonders down there, but just on my balls any other area shaving down there i will break out so i use clipers also.

  66. frank says:

    Every few months I get waxed by a pro, chest,butt and pubes! she does a very good job and I am hairless for weeks. between waxing I shave my balls and cock often, I just love having a nice bald cock! at first my wife wondered why I waxed or shave my balls and cock but now she loves it and I love when she licks my bald balls.

  67. Rich says:

    I have shaved my balls in the past and love smooth soft cock n balls but how the hell do you stop the god forsaken itchyness, it drives me insane. Any tips very welcome.

    RESPONSE: Rich, if your referring to the irritation it depends on a few things. First, just like any body part, the area has to get accustomed to being shaved. My face will itch when I don’t shave for a week. Use Aloe Vera to sooth your itching.

  68. Ken says:

    I have been shaving my balls and dick for the last 5 years. It has become part of my shower now, and my lady loves to suck on my hard clean shaven shaft. A little baby oil after the shave will lessen all itch. Try it and maybe have you partner do it for you, it will sure turn both of you ‘on’ and well, the rest is up to you both.

    RESPONSE: Thanks for the tip Ken.

  69. Jim says:

    I have been shaving since I was 17. i like to keep things about a quarter inch so i have a some hair to play with while i masturbate but not so much my wife wont suck me. i dont shave my balls because i need something to make me feel like a man. hair grows part way up my shaft so i have to get hard before shaving.

    RESPONSE: I never considered playing with my pubic hair while I was masterbating, my hands were generally in use already.

  70. Marco says:

    Shaved balls are by far the only balls I want! I have been shaving my sack for 30 years… always in a hot shower with conditioner and the key is a sharp razor. If your blessed with size and girth, a hard-on is not necessary. Pull willy up tight and stroke in a down ward motion. Trim the root of the penis for appearence…. and VOLIA!

    RESPONSE: I agree. Pulling willy (Is this your name for it? I would have went with something less shipyard or janitor sounding.) tight should be easier if you have a bratwurst to start with! And I think you ment “Walla!”

  71. Slade says:

    Been shaving the balls and pubes for about 2 months now. And I owe it all to this site. It works perfect. My balls are clear and smooth as well as my shaft. My partner loves to suck on my nuts. As soon as they get in the mouth, forget it!

    RESPONSE: Your welcome!

  72. BigDick says:

    My girl never used to give me head od play/suck my balls. One day i shaved an omg. Now when we “do the dirty” she sucks all the way. This site helped thnx guys

    RESPONSE: Your welcome too!

  73. Mary says:

    My Husband has been shaving his balls for about 3 years now and It has improved our sex life. They Feel soft and I love Cupping and playing with them 😉

    RESPONSE: Thank you for the response from the other side of the fence. Why were you looking for a site about shaving balls?

  74. BBare says:

    You do need to have a an ERECTION in order to shave your penis and balls. A limp dick is not razor friendly. Take a hot shower first and get your penis “up & ready”. After drying yourself (less on the package), lay on your back and get that NEW razor ready. A small (small=you’re not shaving your face) bit of shampoo or conditioner works well to lather every thing. Stroke the razor lightly toward your belly – gently. For the “twins”, pull them tight if necessary and stroke lightly up/down/right/left – and, decide how far you want to “clean-up” toward your bung-hole.

    RESPONSE: Lay on your back? I’ve been pretty good at standing while looking down since I was 4!

  75. Tina says:

    For years I did waxing for make and female clients. Waxing is painful and can cause skin infections and discoloration sometimes permanent. Laser hair removal can also do damage to your skin as well as your wallet.

    Never use a wet blade on the crown jewels, you can get cut because the skin is thinner than that found on the face, part from which the disposable balde cartridges can cost an “arm and a penis”.

    Body Groom is OK for large flat areas of hair but the Hair eRazor is great for the folds and bulges we all have and it doesnt itch or cause the usual lumps, bumps or nicks.

    That’s my 2 cents worth.

    RESPONSE: Thank you for your professional input.

  76. Chris says:

    Philips Bodygroom Shaver all the way > girls love it & guys tooooooooooooo.

    RESPONSE: I think Chris was falling off a cliff, but I agree, my girlfriend uses my Bodygroom Shaver on her Vag as well. I’m not going to mention that it can get wet, has a round surface, and vibrates when turned on.

  77. Joe says:

    I really didn´t know how much my wife would enjoy my shaved balls. she just gets them in her mouth when before she would always refuse.

    RESPONSE: Simple and to the point… Girls prefer shaved balls over hairy ones.

  78. Slick Rick says:

    I have been keeping my balls smooth for two years now. I shave in the shower twice a week and it takes just a few minutes. If shaven that frequently there is not a lot of irritation. I have found the best way is to first shave all around the shaft. Then start working your way around the balls. In a hot shower the sac is very flexible and allows me to pull it out straight to get some good shaving surface. I stopped shaving the pubic area because it was always itchy.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Agree with the depilation cream comment from 11/12/2008. Trim most of it to get the fur fairly short and then apply cream. Test first. I use a fair amount and cover balls and shaft. Rinse off in shower as the smell of any remaining cream can be offputting. Also works well on the butt.

  80. T says:

    There is something definitely great about clean shaven balls and a neatly trimmed pubic area. My girlfriend loves to play with the smooth sack, when she knows I’ve just shaved, she has to feel them. She says its like baby skin…hahah. Then I get my turn…:)

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