Why Shave Your Balls?

Shave pubic area menAre you asking yourself, “Why should I shave my balls?” A majority of ladies prefer men who take care of their bodies. And 3 out of 4 ladies surveyed like shaved balls. A cleanly shaved scrotum will get much more attention than one that looks like a kiwi.

You’re looking for more ball play aren’t you?

Yes You Are! If you shave your balls and pubic area you entice your lover to give you that little extra attention!

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How To Shave Your Balls

Getting That Porn Star Shine!

Men! Don’t use wax!

Do I need to say that again? The scrotum was designed with elasticity so that it can adjust itself to a lower temperature than your core temperature, this maximizes your reproduction possibility. The thinness of the skin combined with the elasticity will first cause the wax to irritate the skin beyond your comprehension, and then it will keep you from being able to get the wax off. When you pull, your scrotum stretches…. and follows the direction it is being pulled in.

Let’s Get Started!

If you have not trimmed your balls (or pubic area) yet, you should start with a pair of scissors and trim it down as close as you can.


Even if you are going to be using an electric razor like the BG-2040, trimming first makes it much easier to finish. I have tried to just go to town with my BG-2040 and the trimmed pubic hair just clumps up in the razor attachment causing me to have to clean it more during the shaving process.

Granted if you are doing this on a regular basis this part can be skipped, but I’m assuming that you are reading this and you are currently not shaving. You might even be at the point where it looks like you have a hamster sleeping on top of your cock.

Leaving a Little?

If you are not going down to the skin you will not need to use any form of shaving cream or lubrication.

Disposable or Electric?

This is going to be as personal as your facial grooming. If you have never shaved your balls, or you have a forest, start by using scissors or a pair of clippers to shorten everything up to a quarter of an inch at most. Some electric razors like the Norelco listed below have a built-in trimmer. On your first time take a bath to get your scrotum nice and soft, this will also help reduce irritation.

Norelco BG-2040
BG 2040
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Picking a Shaver

Out of all the electric gizmos out there the one I am most happy with is my
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Shaver. I use it every third day or so to make sure that everything stays nice and clean. The longer things get, the harder they can be to get rid of. I do this by taking a shower first, and turning up the heat at the end of the shower to loosen things up. After getting completely dry, use a little bit of powder to help the shaver move around; it will also make sure everything is nice and dry. Then go to town. I also suggest doing this in the bath stall or sitting on the toilet so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.Note:A dull electric shaver blade will yank the hairs out, not cut them, this will cause considerable irritation and spot bleeding.Getting every nook and fold will take some practice. My balls, and my sanity, did take a little time to get accustomed to using an electric razor on it. I do believe the time it saves me shaving my balls on a weekly basis was well worth it.


Using a disposable does create a little of a dilemma. You need one hand to control the razor, and two to move things around. If you have a willing partner you are ‘one up’ on a lot of us. This can be done either in or out of the shower, as you might expect. Start with a good moisturizing cream (make sure it’s not your girlfriends expensive stuff – honestly I have always been a fan of Panteen conditioner, it seems to give the best combination of moisturizer and surface lubrication for shaving) to help loosen the pubes, it will also allow the razor to glide easier.

Use a New Razor

This is not the place you want to be using a used or worn out razor, it will cause irritation and make the rest of your day an uncomfortable situation.

I recommend using a 3 or 4 blade razor like the Mach 3.

Start with light downward motions shaving in the direction the hair is growing (also known as With The Grain). This will shorten the hair to a workable length when going in the opposite (upward) direction.You don’t have to get it all down in one pass, and I severely recommend that you don’t try to prove me wrong.


Shaving Your Penis

If your lucky enough to come from a hairy gene pool you probably have hair growing right up your penis. Shaving penis hair can be shaved just like the rest. As with anything else, start by trimming as close as possible if you currently don’t. If you have a bent penis or are unhappy with your size check out: Size Genetics. I shave my penis in the shower because this is where I got use to it. I find it much, much easier to shave when erect because it stretches the skin and gives me an easier surface to work with. Again use some type of moisturizing product before, during, and after. Start by going against the grain of the pubic hair, which will have you moving the razor towards the base of your shaft.

Penis Shaving Tip: When working the undercarriage hold your member close to your body by gripping the head between your partially bent pointer and middle finger, sort of like throwing a curve ball. This allows for the greatest holding power to make sure ol’Jimmy doesn’t wiggle away.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t press hard, using multiple strokes will reduce irritation to the skin
  • Try using baby oil after to reduce irritation
  • The only thing that works better is asking her these 3 questions


Have a different method?

Tell me more by submitting a comment. All comments are reviewed before getting posted on the website.


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Posted on June 19 2017

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