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If your in the market to buy a new razor you should consider a few things before just picking one based on the price.

Picking your next razor depends on a few factors:

  • What your going to use it for
  • Where your going to use it
  • What you are prepared to spend

You will notice that I recommend the Philips Norelco products on this site. That is because I use them. And I use them because I have tried a few other products and they didn’t have the features I was looking for.

It had to be water proof

I tend to shave in the shower for multiple reasons. One good reason is to make cleaning up easier. When I started shaving my balls I was using a razor that wasn’t water proof. No it wasn’t electric with a cord before you ask.

It was going to be used on some sensitive parts

Some razors just aren’t shaped for a sensitive area like the scrotum and can get get caught in the skin. Imaging what it might feel like to have a pointy plastic section of a razor, that might be great for facial use, to stick you.

It had to fit my budget

Here’s the kicker. Some razors can go into the hundreds. As a person who does marketing, I can tell you that sometimes the higher priced item is exactly the same. It’s just higher priced because some people insist on buying the most costly item because they think it to be better somehow. Who am I to argue with them.

What I have found is that Norelco makes 3 in the BodyGroomer series, and 4 in the ManGroomer Series. First let me start with the BodyGroomer Series.

BG 2020

To start with you have the BG 2020. This is the basic razor and comes with 3 plastic attachments for cutting hair at multiple lengths. This entry level razor is made to shave all body zones, except they state that this razor is “Not for use above the neck.” It does a fairly good job on most body parts, but seems to lack in the armpit area. I personally don’t shave there but did for this article. The BG 2020 was designed as a water-proof shave-almost-everything razor for the person who didn’t want to send that much.

This one will run from $27.99 at Amazon to and my local Target sells it for $36.99.

BG 2030

The BG 2030 is a great razor for the price. The three atachments that you see are 2 combs and the trimmer attachment. The 2 combs work with the trimming attachment only. They offer a 5 position locking setting so you can choose how short or long things will be. One of the two heads is an Extra-Sensitive trimming comb for the groin and underarm. So they already know that you might be using it on your balls.

In comparing the 2020 to the 2030 you can see the additional attachment. As mentioned above the trimmer attachment not available on the 2020. The black combs shown with the 2030 attach to this attachment not the foil head, whereas the attachments with the 2020 attach to the foil head. Does this make it better? That all depends on how you will be using it, and if your prone to loosing things. If you loose the trimmer attachment the combs are no longer any good.

You can pick up a BG2030 from around $43.00 on Amazon. If you like more bells and whistles than the 2020 but can’t spend close to $70 for the BG 2040 shown below, this is a great buy.

BG 2040

The BG 2040 is the All-In-One solution that includes many of the bells and whistles you would want in a razor. It has a comfortable design that is easy to maneuver all over your body. It also comes with these other unique characteristics:

  • 3-D pivoting head for getting those “human spots”
  • Round blades and combs to prevent scratching
  • High-performance trimmer located on the bottom half with 5 length settings

Many couples have the BG 2040 because of it’s versatility. Not to mention it looks really cool.


To see a comparison chart of the 3 razors listed above click here and scroll half way down.

Just going off of the reviews, many more people are happy with the BG 2030 than the other 2, but this is subjective because there are not as many reviews of the BG 2040.

Final Thoughts

If you can fit the BG 2040 in to your budget, or you can split the cost with your lover, go for it. If not, I’d spend the extra $13 or so and go with the BG 2030 over the BG 2020.

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  1. I honestly don’t have a clue. I planned to update the website because I have used it on my face, since I was told not to, and have not had any issues.

    Also on the clipper side, you can take out the adjustable plastic piece and use that side for a decent stubble look.

    Let me know how it goes for you.

  2. Vic DeHaven says:

    I can’t seem to find the answer I am looking for, on the Norelco website.

    WHY, oh why, are you NOT supposed to use the body shavers on your face ????

    Are they worried about you dulling the cuteer with the tougher facial hair ???

    Or is it only for some esthetic, sanitary reason ???

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