Man Arrested After Ejaculating : The TSA pat-down

Written by Shaving Steve

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Take it From Bob, Shave Your Balls

It seems that the TSA is getting a little touchy-feely these days. A 47 year old male who has a history of sexual dysfunction ejaculated after being pat-down during a routine examination. It turns out that his piercings had a TSA confused and needed an extra few minutes of examination at which time he busted a nut. This action caused him to be thrown to the ground and arrested.

Now my mom always said to make sure I had clean underwear on when ever I go out, I’m willing to bet if he had shaved his balls he might have just pulled down his pants to show off his man hood with a happy grin on his face like Bob.

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  1. Harry P Ness says:

    Wonder what you get for shutting your pants in a TSA search.

  2. Harry P Ness says:

    Now ejaculation is illegal?

    Ridiculously funny

  3. Larry says:

    Why was he arrested? The TSA agent should have been for causing the ejaculation.

  4. Isaac says:

    Awesome things.

  5. John says:

    Makes me wonder what would have happened if it was a women with her clit pierced.

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