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Why Shave Your Balls?

29 January 2012


Follow Are you asking yourself, “Why should I shave my balls?” A majority of ladies prefer men who take care of their bodies. And 3 out of 4 ladies surveyed like shaved balls. A cleanly shaved scrotum will get much more attention than one that looks like a kiwi. You’re looking for more ball play […]

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How to Shave Your Pubic Area For Men

9 January 2012


Follow So you are thinking that your pubic area is getting unruly and should be shaved. You are not alone. Many men trim or completely shave their pubic area in an effort to be more appealing to their lover. Lets get started! If you have not trimmed your balls (or pubic area) yet, you should […]

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Man Arrested After Ejaculating : The TSA pat-down

5 December 2010


Follow It seems that the TSA is getting a little touchy-feely these days. A 47 year old male who has a history of sexual dysfunction ejaculated after being pat-down during a routine examination. It turns out that his piercings had a TSA confused and needed an extra few minutes of examination at which time he […]

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The Reason to Shave My Balls

4 December 2010


Follow Ok. I don’t post videos too much. But this stoner (aka Andy Warski) is pretty funny stoned. At least he is considerate enough to shave his balls.

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What is the longest you have gone without shaving your legs?

19 September 2010


Follow Longest time you have gone without shaving your legs, and what made you go back to shaving? How often do you shave? Do you find it a pain? If no one else cared would you continue to shave?

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