What is the longest you have gone without shaving your legs?

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Longest time you have gone without shaving your legs, and what made you go back to shaving?
How often do you shave?
Do you find it a pain?

If no one else cared would you continue to shave?

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  1. kennyreed says:

    I am a body builder so I have all body hair waxed every 2 wks. Since it is such a big job my spa furnishes 2 techs who after a couple of sessions talked me into completing the job with a little manscaping. This really turns me on and I now look fwd to my wax-job with the greatest of joyful anticipation. I sport a small well trimmed triangle above my penis. The only problem is I have a tendency to get hard during pose-downs. I had to leave my first post waxing competition when I couldn’t keep it down. I have resorted to a precontest rubout to avert embarassing moments on the stage. I love being a man with smooth creamy skin.

  2. loh says:

    i never shave legs

  3. Sarahbabe. says:

    9 years.

  4. asdf jkl; says:

    Longest time you have gone without shaving your legs, and what made you go back to shaving?

    I’d say the longest time w/o shaving was around 2 weeks. It was due to illness (bronchitis, chest cold) I went back to shaving after I recovered and felt well again. I started back shaving because hairy legs make me feel nasty, dirty, not fresh and manly.

    How often do you shave?

    Every 2 days. I hate it, it’s not fun and I always get a little razor burn.

    Do you find it a pain? yes.. see above

    If no one else cared would you continue to shave?

    yes I would still shave even if noone else cared because it makes me feel clean, fresh, sexy, soft and ready to take on the world!

  5. gymnast ♥ 4 life says:

    Usually never more than a week, is how long I go without shaving. I hate the feeling on having hair on my legs, and I play volleyball year-round, so I’m always wearing spandex shorts.

    I shave in the winter, once or twice a week. In the summer…two or three times a week.

    Yes it is a pain.

    I would still continue to shave if no one else cared, but only like once every week or two. I hate the feeling of hair on my legs.

  6. Cyn says:

    Did you know that in Europe it is acceptable to have hair on legs and underarms? Society in the United States dictates that we must shave our legs and underarms. If you are not uncomfortable going au natural then don’t shave. If you are more comfortable and don’t mind doing it then do it. Bottom line is you have a choice. My husband doesn’t care if I shave or not which is good because I don’t. I usually succumb to societal morays at the beginning of summer and I am once again reminded that I hate doing it.
    “If no one else cared would you continue to shave?” It is absolutely my choice and it doesn’t matter what anyone else cared about. There are exceptions to my thinking.
    I think I started out not shaving my legs because there never seemed to be enough water left to do so in the shower. I will add that I have Fibromyalgia and it is painful to be in the shower any longer than absolutely necessary. I do however, love the feeling of my legs shaved. It just grows back so fast I just can’t keep up with it. It has been a number of days since you posted this question. Did you come to any conclusions about whether you need to shave or not? 😉

  7. Existential Blues says:

    I shave my legs every time I take a shower. It’s a hassle, and I would love to get permanent hair removal, but it’s too pricey for me right now. The only time I don’t is when my health takes a dive and gets really bad. If nobody else cared? I’m not doing it for other people. I shave my legs because it’s more comfortable, and it makes me feel even cleaner, oddly enough.

  8. jon h says:

    never shaved my legs

  9. Stephanie says:

    in the summer I shave everyday and in the winter I shave like once a week just casue its a pain and I wear long pants. but I shave becasue I feel dirty and hairy when I dont. I do it for myself not anyone else in the winter. if I didnt care I wouldnt shave all winter. it only take me like 5 minutes to shave if im in a hurry

  10. allisonallydavashley says:

    3 years i don’t shave i don’t have much hair on my legs it’s in my family i tried it once but i accidentally cut my finger lol

    no and no

  11. sarah says:

    i have gone probably a week at the most since i do mission trips and its too much of a hassle and no one cares when your building them a house when they used to have a box ha .

    I shave every other day when i shower.

    Yes its a pain. I want laser 🙂

    If no one else cared, I would continue to shave. Its silky and smooth and even sexual

  12. Issy S says:

    2 weeks coz they dont grow very fast n theyre blonde so u can relly see them went back when u cud start 2 see them
    i shave wenever i can be bothered
    and it is a pain
    i probs would carry on shaving if no one cared because i like the feeling of them once theyre shaved but i deffinatly wudnt do it as often!

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